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Fly Repellent Recipe

Red headed woman spraying insect repellent on her arm

“How do I make a natural Fly Repellent using Essential Oils?”

I’ve had quite a few enquiries from people who are going on holiday wanting to know how to make a natural insect repellent.

The Essential Oils

I’ve talked about my favourite oils for this in a previous post but just to remind you I usually use one or a mix of


Peppermint/eucalyptus (whichever you have)


These are the oils that I use in my Gathering Candle that you can buy from the shop and which is specially made to keep flies away whilst you eat outside.

To make

Using a 100ml clean spray bottle, fill it with 50ml of distilled or boiled water. Add 25ml of witch hazel or vodka then about 50 to 75 drops of your chosen essential oils. Remember, you don’t want to fill the bottle completely full, so there is room to shake the mixture each time, which is necessary as the essential oils do not dissolve in water and will separate.


You could add a tablespoon of a moisturising oil such as coconut or jojoba if you wanted but I don’t usually.

Hope this helps and if you are going away, have a lovely holiday


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