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Laundry Spray/Linen Water Recipe

I absolutely hate ironing! But I can almost bear it if I use a lovely scented laundry spray. I make my own not only because of wanting a natural product free from chemicals - but have you seen the prices?!!!


My favourite essential oil combination is lavender & chamomile but I also do love bergamot & rosemary!!

Laundry Spray/Linen Water

10 drops of essential oil

6 tbsp water

2 tbsp witch hazel or vodka

Pour the mixture into a spray bottle and spritz your clothes with the solution prior to ironing or to freshen up bedding and towels that smell a little musty after being taken out of storage.

Ps Another option is to add 1-2 drops of essential oil into your iron’s water container. That way, the scent will be imparted into your laundry through the steam as you iron.

I tend to worry that the iron will get more clogged this way so I go for the laundry spray!

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