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How To Ease Your Way Into Autumn With Essential Oils

Woman in wood catching falling Autumn leaves

Slow Living and Autumn seem to me to go hand in hand. We wake to shorter days with their misty, heavier mornings and look out at the more mellow colours of nature as everything starts to gradually wind down.

We too start to cozy down in readiness. I have already started putting blankets and throws by chairs and sofas, brought wood in ready for when I light the first fire and - ok I admit it - I’ve got my knitting out and am looking forward to hot chocolate and not shaving my legs!

So how can Essential Oils help to ease you into Autumn I suggest you start using Bergamot oil during this period of gentle transition from Summer to Autumn. Have it in your bath, or use it in a candle, diffuser, a pulse point roller - or even just put a little bit on a tissue to sniff. Bergamot oil is always at the top of my list for soothing out those times of change in our lives and helping us to relax, restore, and calm. It’s also incredibly uplifting and so helpful for dealing with depression, anxiety, and for any sleep issues. It really makes a difference. Try our Artisan Bergamot Candle or Melancholy Bergamot Pulse Point roller for easy ways to introduce this to your daily life.

There are 2 million of us in the UK alone, (mostly women), that suffer from Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD) and tomorrow I’m going to start delving into that. Even if you don’t suffer from it yourself there will hopefully be tips there that will be useful.

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