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How to make Lavender Wands

Lavender wands on top of vintage linen tablecloths

My granny taught me how to make these lavender wands as a child. She used them for marking clothes smell nice and keeping moths away. I always made some for my mother’s birthday. Of course, as a child I knew they were really magic flower fairy wands!

You will need:

Lavender stems, freshly picked approx 30cm long. I used 9 per wand but any odd number is fine

Thin ribbon (ideally 6mm but I used slightly wider as that’s what I had) approx 1m

Small amount of sewing thread

Strip all the leaves from the lavender and line up the heads, securing with thread

Tie the ribbon over the thread. Leave a short 25cm tail one end and leave the rest long

Turn lavender upside down and gently bend each stem down, over the lavender heads taking care not to snap the stems all the way through

Start weaving the longer tail of ribbon over and under the stems. Gently pull on the ribbon to tighten every few stems. On the second row you should be going under the stems you went over. Continue till you have covered all the flowers.

Wrap the ribbon round the neck of the wand and tie in a bow with the short, inside tail.

Pinch off any stray buds peeking through and cut stems to the same length for a neater finish.


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