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Smudging or Saining is the ancient practice of burning herbs to cleanse spaces, places,objects and people of negative energy. This is known as smudging in North American and Indigenous Cultures whereas Saining is the Celtic tradition of burning herbs to bless, cleanse and purify.


These sticks are made from sage (and are available with or without extra flowers). Sage is believed to bring clarity, vision, strength and wisdom.  They smell wonderful and are believed to clear any space of bad energy and promote relaxation, as well as heal, protect, increase wisdom, and boost defence against disease.


Burning herbs works by releasing positive ions that cling to us, our electromagnetic field, objects and rooms and releasing them. It also has an uplifting effect.


There are three variations available

Sage only

Sage with rose petals

Sage with sea lavender

Sage Smudge Sticks (Saining)


  • Neroli,


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