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This blend of essential oils is incredible.   It keeps insects away, keeps you cool, helps with hayfever and allergies and gives you focus and "oomph" when you need it.


Cooling, Insect and Allergy Repelling and Focusing.


The essential oils used in this product are:


Peppermint - cooling menthol, hated by insects, great for helping with hayfever and allergies

Lemon Verbena - focusing, uplifting, anti-inflammatory

Lavender - natural antihistamine, hated by insects, great for soothing 

Our range of essential oil pulse point rollers have all the therapeutic benefits of aromatherapy in a convenient, portable form. Easy to slip into a pocket or bag so that it’s on hand whenever you need it.

Natural, vegan and earth centred.

Gathering Peppermint Pulse Point Roller

  • Lemon Verbena,



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