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This aromatherapy diffuser has a nighttime blend of essential oils to help you relax and sleep.  Sit it on your bedside table and it will help you nod off at bedtime or ease you back into sleep should you wake during the night. 


It’s ceramic base comes in two sizes - the grey is 100ml and the white is 50ml.   Both come with a flower reed to disperse the fragrance into the room


We use a blend of essential oils all chosen to help give your body and mind a restful night. Relaxing, soothing, comforting.


We use the following essential oils in this product


  • Lavender - relaxes and calms the mind
  • Bergamot - grounding and reassuring
  • Rose - balancing and comforting.


Natural, vegan and earth centred.

Essential Oil Sleep Diffuser



    Bergamot ,


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