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This nighttime essential oil blend Is for women with menopause/ peri menopause It can help give your body support whether or not you are on HRT.


Every evening, if you can, massage some into the soles of your feet and your abdomen.  You can also use this in a mist diffuser or in your bath should you prefer although I would always recommend massaging it in.


We use the following essential oils in this product:


Clary Sage -  soothing and calming

Rose Geranium  -  calming and nurturing,

Palmarosa - relaxing and balancing

Grapefruit - bloating and water retention

Bergamot - grounding and comforting



All of these essential oils are blended with a carrier oil - for those without nut allergies I would recommend selecting sweet almond oil but for those who do please select jojoba oil in the options


The oil comes in a pipette and a pretty floral travel bag


Essential Menopause Night-time Massage Oil Blend


    Clary Sage,

    Rose Geranium,

    Palmarosa ,

    Grapefruit ,


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