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This daytime essential oil blend is for women with menopause/ peri menopause .   It can help give your body support whether or not you are on HRT.


Every morning, if you can, rub some into the soles of your feet and your abdomen.  I also take some into work for emergency top ups should I be having a particularly bad day.


We use the following essential oils to help support you:


Fennel - energy boosting, helps with bloating and hot flushes

Rosemary - focusing

Mandarin - comforting and reassuring

Black Pepper - invigorating

Bergamot - grounding and anti anxiety


All of these essential oils are blended with a carrier oil - for those without nut allergies I would recommend selecting sweet almond oil but for those who do please select jojoba oil in the options


The oil comes in a pipette and a pretty floral travel bag



Natural, vegan and synthetic chemical free

Essential Menopause Daytime Massage Oil Blend

  • Fennel,



    Black Pepper,


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