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When your emotions/hormones swing out of control and you are feeling teary or downuse this pretty and effective pulsepoint roller.


We use a blend of essential oils all chosen to help with those days when you feel a bit out of control:-


Jasmine - known for its balancing properties

Rose Geranium - a hormone balancer and also good for anxiety and stress

Bergamot - good for coping with stress and mood swings

Lavender - calming, balancing and stress busting

Lemon verbena - good for concentration and focus


Our range of essential oil pulse point rollers have all the therapeutic benefits of aromatherapy in a convenient, portable form. Easy to slip into a pocket or bag so that it’s on hand whenever you need it.


Natural, vegan and earth centred.



"I can’t get enough of this pulse point roller! Firstly it smells divine, and I’ve received lovely compliments wondering what perfume I’m wearing 😃 Secondly it is working a treat for when I feel a little overwhelmed and weepy (oh the joys of peri menopause!) I love the gorgeous carry pouch it comes in too so it’s great for popping in my handbag."  Zoe 

Balance Pulse Point Roller

  • Bergamot,



    Lemon Verbena

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