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This  candle is crafted with pure Rose Geranium essential oil and natural wax    Rose Geranium essential oil is well known for helping to soothe the emotions and helping to balance any hormonal mood swings.   It is particularly used to alleviate symptoms relating to PMS, perimenopause and menopause itself.  


This candle has a burn time of 40+ hours




"Was bought as a gift and recipient absolutely loved it.   She said the room was filled with glorious scent the moment she opened it.   Rosie was also lovely and extremely helpful to make sure it arrived on time.   Couldnt recommend more highly"  Sara


"The best shopping experience.  My candle arrived quickly and was well wrapped.   The scent is amazing!!! Perfect to brighten up a dull day and would enhance a sunny day too.   I highly recommend Lilac Cottage"  Catherine

Artisan Rose Geranium Aromatherapy Candle

  • Rose Geranium

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